Throwback Thursday: Childhood

In this week’s throwback journey, let’s explore photography of childhood moments, featuring scenes from the 1920s to 1969 and more offered in the photographic archives from The Commons.

New Capitol Day - Pageant - Child Performers

Children dressed in costume as corn pose before the pageant celebrating the dedication of the new Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri. October 6, 1924.

[Photograph of twelve children of Kate and Ernest Lee]

Twelve children of Kate and Ernest Lee. Taken around 1920.

Little boy bottle feeding piglet, 1920

Photographer: Reuben R. Sallows (1855 – 1937). Taken in February 1920.

Children's Party, Dublin, 1920s at Rutland Street National School.

A note on the back of this photo reads: “Party given by gentlemen to children.” Taken circa 1924.

Child driving a toy car

Two Children of the Mochida Family, with Their Parents, Awaiting Evacuation Bus

Hayward, California. Two children of the Mochida family who, with their parents, are awaiting evacuation bus. The youngster on the right holds a sandwich given her by one of a group of women who were present from a local church. The family unit is kept intact during evacuation and at War Relocation Authority centers where evacuees of Japanese ancestry will be housed for the duration. Taken on May 8, 1942.

Child of a migratory farm laborer in the field during the harvest of the community center's cabbage crop, FSA labor camp, Tex.  (LOC)

Child of a migratory farm laborer in the field during the harvest of the community center’s cabbage crop, FSA labor camp, Tex. 1942 Jan.

Three children on a horse at Lake Conjola

Lake Conjola, New South Wales, Australia. Taken circa 1930.


Two little guys with their father/grandfather at the pond in Herbert Park, Dublin. One has his net for catching pinkeens, but thought the other might have been controlling a model boat? Summer 1969.

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