Flickr Heroes of the Week

Summer is about to come to a close in this hemisphere and officially begin in another. That means sun, and moon, and stars shift from our tiny little place on this rock. Keep celebrating the ever-changing seasons, places and faces in life, Flickr Fam. We’re excited to host and feature your work. In doing so, it’s another Monday. That means another time to announce this week’s Flickr Heroes.

This week’s Flickr Heroes are ‘Awoken’ by Derek Coull on Twitter and Google+ and ‘Speed of Life’ by Alexander Dyachenko on Facebook and Tumblr.

Awoken .  ( Flickr Cover Photo )
Speed of life

If you want your photo to be considered for a Flickr Hero feature submit it to the Flickr Heroes group pool by Monday morning next week!

Flickr Hero Honorable Mentions:

Misty day
Edisto Island Milky Way


Cape Disappointment