Peculiar People Day 2017

Some may call them freaks, weirdos, kooks, Yahoos, goofballs, or eccentrics. No matter what, they celebrate themselves every single day. January 10th is Peculiar People Day in the United States: a day to honor the unique, strange, and extraordinary people who make our every-days special. Think of your non-conformist friends, the ones who like to put on a costume for every occasion, the ones who brighten up your day with their eccentricities and crazy ideas. This is a tribute to all the people who look at life from a different perspective and embrace the ‘freak’ in them.

Take a look at the Peculiar People Day gallery on Flickr and be sure to share the photos of your kooky loved ones in the comments section there!

The Cold War
cabeza de mujer (brescia, italy)

South street seaport