Dress Up Your Pet Day

Oh, the things we put our pets through! Why is it so fun to dress up Fido in a sweater and put a hat on the cat? And yet, they still remain so loving and loyal. Perhaps this is why we love our pets so much, and why they deserve a day in the spotlight for all we make them do.


Enjoy these endearing Flickr images for Dress Up Your Pet Day being celebrated (and dreaded) across the country on January 14th.

"I am Frog?" ~ Juniorek
Red Hoodie Cameron 12
Paquinño dreaming
Bulldog Puppy in a Frog Outfit.
Pirate, Halloween Dog Parade 2011, Tompkins Square Park, East Village, New York City

Bird woman.  Cool kat.

Please give your furry friend his or her fifteen minutes of fame, and post a glamour shot in the complete gallery found here.