Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Together Day, or whatever you call the reunion of loved ones, Flickr has composed a special blog to demonstrate how #blessed we truly are. Despite Thanksgiving being a very Americanized holiday, there are major noncommercial aspects of Thanksgiving that are worth celebrating such as being surrounded by friends, family and loved ones. Some of the best photographs have come from capturing these precious moments with the people we hold closest to our hearts. Below are a few photos that embody the true spirit of Thanksgiving to kick off the holiday season.

Thanksgiving Dessert

One of the best things about today is being able to indulge guilt free simply because everyone else is doing the same. There is something incredibly beautiful in gaining large quantities of weight with the people we love most.

Sweet Homemade Christmas Figgy Pudding

Given that Thanksgiving is the unofficial start of the holiday season, its importance cannot be understated. It’s the only holiday that consistently seems to bring about a sense of wonder in children because they see all their relatives just like Christmas, but they don’t get any presents!


It’s almost as if the season knows to celebrate this day too as fall colors decorate the floors of the outdoors in preparation for a colorful end of year.

Autumn Walk

Even if you didn’t get the chance to go home today, remember that home is where you’re at your happiest. As long as you’re with people who love you, you have a reason to give thanks. No matter where you are, the Flickr community team wishes you the best of days. We are incredibly thankful for such an amazing Flickr fam.

If you’re grateful for something unique to you, make sure you shout it out in the comment section of our Thanksgiving gallery!