Flickr Friday – Let There Be Light

Last week’s Flickr Friday challenge involved getting the Flickr community to creatively portray the theme #LetThereBeLight. Some people took this the religious route, as evident in one of the photos below, while others used this as an opportunity to highlight some of their more brightly lit images. Either way, every submission was truly a well crafted piece of work.

Ladies Of The Lamplight

We always love it when photographers create their own virtual worlds in their photographs! Not only does it scream creativity, but it demonstrates knowledge far more vast than technical ability.

The framing in the shot below couldn’t have been more well executed. We love the horizontal length of the shot and how it really made this image stand out among the others. This image is just proof that you don’t need the best props, models or landscapes to make a well composed photograph.

My favourite things - blue

The photo below obviously had to be included in the gallery! Although the set up probably didn’t take longer than a minute, we appreciate the religious sentiment. This photo is absolutely heavenly.

Genesis 1:3

It’s important to remember that you can stray a bit away from the topic! By photographing a building that glimmers a certain way, you’re still fulfilling the theme! The theme is simply a guide to take your photos where they’ve never gone before. As long as they’re creative, they’re beautiful to us.

Let the light in...

For more images on light, make sure to check out the “Let There Be Light” gallery! If your photo didn’t make the cut this week, feel free to try again Monday by submitting your photo in the Flickr Friday group!