Flickr Friday – Low Angle

The theme of last week’s Flickr Friday was #LowAngle and my goodness did people take this very literally. We suppose it’s hard to take it any other way, but no matter what it was great to see life from the perspective of a little ant man. Thanks for all the submissions!

Cover photo #LowAngle - Flickr Friday

The horse was a must. Obviously they were ready for their closeup.

Reaching out...on reflection :)

This gorgeously romantic photo looks like a painting! It looks a… lot like a painting…

Blossom avenue

We’re glad someone’s taking advantage of Cherry Blossom season! If you like what you see and you’re hungry for more #LowAngle photos, check out our gallery! If you want your photo to have the chance to be featured on the blog or gallery, be sure to submit them to our Flickr Friday group by Thursday afternoon of every week! Winners are announced every Friday!