Join the 700th “Thursday Walk” Photo Challenge with Flickr’s Utata Group

Flickr has thousands of high-quality groups where you can find inspiring images, showcase your work, and connect with like-minded photographers, so we want to make it easier for you to find and engage with those communities.

Following up on the success of our previous collaborations with the Photography Critique and Less is More groups we’re now excited to team up with the wonderful Utata group, a global collective of photographers who met through Flickr and who are devoted to creating and promoting good art, and to engaging in lively, wide-ranging discussions.

Join the “Thursday Walk” Photo Challenge with Flickr’s Utata Group

700 Thursday Walks

This week, the Utata Group will be celebrating its 700th-consecutive Thursday Walk. That’s 13 years and 5 months of walks every Thursday. Big milestones call for big celebrations, so let’s join in the fun!

The premise for this photo challenge is pretty simple: next Thursday, September 19, go for a walk (be it for a ten-minute break during your busy working day or a quick tour around the block), pick up your camera, take a photo, and post it to this thread. Easy, right? There’s something singularly appealing about the notion of people all over the world taking a break from their day just to take a stroll with a camera, knowing that other folks are doing the same thing for the same reason.

You can take as many photos as you wish during the walk, but we ask you to be selective in what you share in the group, as a courtesy to each other. Tag your image with utata:project=tw700 and show us your favorite photo with a short story about the shot. Embed your image in the comments using this format: [Flickr Photo Page URL]

Remember: The spirit of the idea is to take the photo on that particular Thursday (local time), but we’ll give you a couple courtesy days to upload your image, just in case.

We’ll also celebrate our favorite images of this special ‘Thursday Walk’ in a Flickr Gallery.


Just a few more things

If you like the challenge, don’t forget to join the Utata group for frequent photo projects, active discussions, and for meeting other photographers around the world.

If you want to add your photographs to the Utata pool, please read the group rules first.

Last but not least, check out the group’s website,, for a bit of history on the group and its members.