Geometric Photography Inspiration and Tips from Members of Flickr Social

Look for lines. Find patterns in everyday things. Seek out angles and shapes. Get inspired by nature. These were a few of the responses from Flickr members when we asked how they define geometric photography. Is geometric photography one of your favorite subjects? Enjoy these photos and points of direction from members of the Flickr community.

Geometric in nature

“I love geometric patterns that repeat the same shape in nature.” –Tomo M

Brooklyn Bridge

“The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City is just beautiful in its lines and structure.” –Marie. D

The Edge of Night

“I find capturing the small, often overlooked details within a landscape in a unique and interesting way a really rewarding challenge. Much of my recent work focuses on recurring patterns in nature and trying to record them in an artistic and visually appealing way.” –f22 Digital Imaging

En Pointe  ⭒

“Geometry is everywhere and in everything in the universe, from giant galaxies down to the tiniest atom and beyond, it’s in and part of nature, man/woman made things, or a combination thereof. I’m particularly happy to find the geometry of the negative space – the space between things. …[Here, it’s in] a sunny triangle on the blandest of architecture – a storage building.” –bernadette230

Converging Lines

“For me, geometric photography is about showing geometric patterns…patterns like straight lines, curved lines, circles, ellipses, squares, rectangles that can be described mathematically – in a certain environment.” –ckilger

We hope these photos have inspired you to find geometry in your next photo subject. Join the conversation over in Flickr Social to share what details you look for in geometric photography or to learn more from your fellow Flickr members. If you’re looking for a group that focuses on this theme, one Flickr member recommends Sublime shapes, a group that celebrates “beauty as created by harmony in shapes, compositions.” Explore the group’s photo pool or the gallery below for more inspiration.

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