March’s Explore Takeover: Celebrating Women Photographers on Flickr

March is Women’s History Month. For the second consecutive year, March’s Explore takeover will highlight the inspiring photography shared by women photographers on Flickr. We encourage all women photographers (this includes trans women and anyone with a female gender identity) to participate. Please tag your work with #ThroughHerLens or #ThroughTheirLens, whichever suits you. If you would like to participate but don’t want to use the tags, you can share your work in the Flickr Social discussion here.

All themes and styles of photography are welcome. We will also be hosting a series of discussions in Flickr Social, please join us there to share more about your work and what’s inspiring you right now.

What’s an Explore Takeover?

Explore takeovers are manually curated by the Flickr team to celebrate specific communities and themes on Flickr. Last month’s Explore takeover shared the work of Black photographers on Flickr and previous takeovers have celebrated instant photography, Inktober, selfies, and more. To learn more about Explore takeovers, join Flickr Social, where we share the takeover theme each month, or visit our help center.

Let’s get inspired

In 2021, Flickr’s Your Best Shot photo contest introduced categories for the first time. Using the tags #YBSThroughHerLens21 and #YBSThroughTheirLens21, photographers shared their perspectives and favorite photographs of the year. Explore some of these photos below and we hope that they inspire you throughout the month and beyond. Thank you to the women photographers on Flickr – we appreciate you sharing your work here, inspiring others, and being part of the community.

"Fresh Rain"
Bradley Symphony Center Milwaukee Warner theater Spiral Staircase ©Lauri Novak-9