Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social, 11/10/2022

Hi all! Welcome to another installment of “Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social”.

Every Friday we’re highlighting some of our favorite photos submitted to the Flickr Social group. For a chance to be featured, join the group and share your photos!

Dragons Head Rock, Victoria, Australia (Explore)

“Dragons Head Rock, Victoria, Australia.These images were taken whilst exploring the Mornington Peninsula. For the first time I finally made it to Number 16 Beach and it didn’t disappoint!” –Tran Sformr

Autumn Lake

“Autumn Lake” –Juris Bergmanis

In the sky.

“In the sky.” –Paolo Cellini

The Trapped Sun  ।  আটকে পড়া সূর্য্য  ।

“The trapped sun.” –Anowarul Haq

Puma Portrait in Snow

“Puma portrait in snow.” –Gil Quintana

Grundlsee at the foot of the Backenstein

“Grundlsee at the foot of the Backenstein. The Backenstein (1,772 meters) is the local mountain of Grundlsee and bears its name because of its distinctive shape as seen from the town of Grundlsee. The summit cross is slightly lower than the highest point because of the visibility from the valley and the view.” –Johann G


“Lemons” –Joel Bradley

Mobius Arch

“Mobius Arch” –Valentina Gatewood

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grumpy cats

“Grumpy cats” – Christine S.

Wonderful, Wide, Wild, Woolly and Wet!

“Wonderful, Wide, Wild, Woolly and Wet!” –♞Jenny♞

Snowy Plover

After years of searching for a Snowy Plover, I finally found a flock of them. They did not disappoint. –Chicharrónes

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