Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social, 11/18/2022

Hi all! Welcome to another installment of “Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social”.

Every Friday we’re highlighting some of our favorite photos submitted to the Flickr Social group. For a chance to be featured, join the group and share your photos!

Semipalmated plover having a bath

“Semipalmated plover having a bath.” –John Owen

The Maze (Das Labyrinth) | Photo 01

“The Maze (Das Labyrinth) – Rosegg, Carinthia / Austria.” –Arno Kathollnig

Audio Spectrum Analyzer 03

“Mono Lake. California, Summer 2022” –Valentina Gatewood

Over the Ridge

“Over the Ridge” –Jeff Goldberg

Vessel Panorama (B&W) - Hudson Yards, New York City

“V2. Vessel Panorama (B&W) – Hudson Yards, New York City. Panoramic view from inside the Vessel, at Hudson Yards in New York City. The Vessel is a structure and landmark which was built as part of the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project in Manhattan, New York City, New York. Construction began in April 2017; it opened on March 15, 2019.

Designed by the British designer Thomas Heatherwick, the elaborate honeycomb-like structure rises 16 stories and consists of 154 flights of stairs, 2,500 steps, and 80 landings for visitors to climb.” –Andreas Komodromos


“Structure” –Lara *

Edge of the storm

“Spring storm rolls over the Tri-Valley Area.” –Tanmay Sapkal

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All the cool kids can touch their tongue to their nose

“All the cool kids can touch their tongue to their nose.” –Marc J. Wrzesinski

Moorland Pony

“Moorland Pony – Dartmoor National Park.” –Carol Hales

Nest2, day10-1

“Hummingbird feeding 10 days old chicks.” –Natalia Morón

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