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1. Please introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do? How long have you been into photography? 

My name is Alan Flowers. I’m a Documentary Photographer.  I’ve always kept a camera on me since middle school. So I would say 25 years of documenting my surroundings.

2. In one sentence, please describe what you captured in this shot.

My prescription for the anxiety I live with daily. New York! My biggest addiction, and the greatest city on earth.

3. Why did you select this photo to share?

I’m from Florida, but New York raised me. Street basketball and Hip-Hop gave me my identity at a young age. So I would say the reason mostly is because I don’t think I could be the person I am today without the influences of the people from New York. It’s the only picture I would print out of all my photos. It’s a reminder to my thought process and goals. To always grind and never be complacent.

4. What style of photography would you describe this as and do you typically take photographs in this style? 

I don’t feel I have a style. For some reason I was always obsessed with documenting my life and others I was close to. I only hit the button when the universe an intuition tells me to. I guess I would say my style is always being prepared, by always having a camera so I don’t miss the opportunity.

5. When and where was this photo taken? 

This picture was taken at my favorite hotel in Manhattan New York “Row NYC” in 2021. The first time I was in New York was 2017 and I only had 24 hours in the city. This was the hotel I randomly picked that day in 2017 and I still stay loyal to it still to this day. I try to go to New York every year.

6. Was anyone with you when you took this photo?

No…. I like to travel alone because most people can’t handle my obsession to be out shooting all day. I’d rather have my Nikon, cell phone and headphones while being in my own zone when I travel the world.

7. What equipment (hardware and software) did you use?

Nikon D810 w/ Nikon 20mm 1.8G

8. What drew you to take this photo? 

Just instinct really. Anytime I go anywhere, I get a feeling of a situation in my subconscious and make myself act on it. I never plan pictures, they just come to me and my brain tells me to stop and find what was meant to be.

9. How many attempts did it take to get this shot? How long did it take you to get one that you were satisfied with? 

I took about 10 shots. I have different angles and variations. But this is the one that I ended up liking the most.

10. Did you edit (or do any post-processing/production on) this photo?

All I really did with this picture was bring down the grain, brought down the highlights from the window a bit, and crushed blacks.

11. What encouraged you to share this photo online and with others? 

It’s not my best picture in my opinion. It’s for me, my most influential to myself. Everytime I look at it, it reminds me not to be lazy. Especially in New York. Go out and chase your daily goals.

12. Did you learn anything in the process of taking, editing, or sharing this photo?

Not really. It’s always best to get the best image possible in camera first and foremost. Only use photoshop to balance the image out. My learning for photography everyday is when your heart is telling you something. Stop, get your camera out and find what the universe is trying to tell you.

13. Do you remember what you had for breakfast (or lunch or dinner) the day you took this

I’m sure I had pizza from the restaurant around the corner “Carve”.  White cheese pizza with pepperoni. For lunch and dinner.

14. What would you like people to take away from this photo?

I selfishly chose this picture. I honestly don’t think you can get anything from it. I spend 7 day in New York a year since 2020. I don’t take vacations to relax, I take them to use my camera uninterrupted. Even when I want to rest after being out shooting for 8 or 9 hours. It’s hard to relax when you’re in bed and the sounds from the street are calling you back out. A lot of photographers live in New York, I have only 7 days. This picture teaches me to not be lazy, and take advantage of your opportunities. Sleep when you go home.

15. Is there any feedback that you’d like to get on this shot?

Anything that will help me grow more as a photographer.

16. How can anyone reading this support your work?

My Instagram is finding.my.soul.in.904 or just visit my albums on Flickr and let me know if anything resonates.

About Alan Flowers

Alan Flowers is a Florida-born, New York-raised photographer who’s been documenting his surroundings for 25 years.