Get to know Flickr Galleries

Flickr Galleries are an important feature that allows you to easily organize, view and share your favorite Flickr photos and videos in the form of a virtual showcase featuring other Flickr photographers’ work. Using the galleries feature is a great way to engage other members of the Flickr community and let them know their work is appreciated. If you haven’t used this feature yet, we’ve created a quick video to walk you through the process, so you can give it a try!


How to create a new gallery


Just click on the Galleries tab on your Flickr site to get started. Then click ‘New Gallery’. Give your new gallery a name, a description, and start searching for photos that fit the theme of your new gallery. You can add photos to a gallery by selecting the plus icon in the lower right corner of any Flickr photo.


Find your galleries on your Flickr site under the Galleries Tab


Here is the view you will see while logged into your account, within a gallery


To view the finely curated content of one of your galleries, click on a gallery thumbnail, from your ‘Galleries’ section on your Flickr site. From there, you can also edit the title, description and choose your preferred cover photo from the edit icon near the upper right of your screen. There are three different layout options to choose from, so pick the one that best fits your vision.  You are welcome to interact with the photographers’ images as you add them to your gallery. Galleries have a commenting option, so anyone who visits your gallery can comment on it.

So how are Flickr members using the galleries feature?

Galleries are used in a multitude of ways on Flickr, and we wanted to highlight some of those to help inspire you to begin creating your own. Here are a few of the ways we see the Flickr community using this feature every day.

Prompts and Themed Galleries

Using the galleries option to build out a collection of your favorite photos, based on a specific theme is a very popular way to use Flickr Galleries. Create galleries of your favorite Black and White photos, Landscape photos and more.


Bird Explore Takeover Highlights Gallery


Bokeh Themed Gallery

Favorites from Contests 

While ultimately, there can only be a limited number of winners in any Flickr contest that we host, there is still a way to show the community which photos took the top spots in your opinion. Often, contest participants will create their own gallery of winners and share those in the contest discussion threads.

Connect and Engage Flickr Community Members

When you save an image to a gallery, the photographer is notified, so creating galleries is an easy way to let someone know you appreciate their work. In Flickr Groups, creating a gallery with photos from group members can spark conversation, promote inclusivity and encourage participation, which is when Flickr Groups are at their finest.


Library of Congress: Pandemic Gallery

Pinball at The Break-87


Flickr Friday Group-Thin Gallery

Organize Your Favorite Photos and Favorite Photographers

If you spend much time searching Flickr, scrolling through Explore or digging into the most recent trending photos, you may find yourself clicking that favorite option quite a lot. When you fave photos on Flickr, they are saved to the ‘Favorites’ tab on your site. If you want to take your organization to the next level and enjoy them more, you can create galleries with your faves. You can group your favorite photos from one photographer into their own gallery, or create galleries for photos with a specific theme or focus. The best part is, once you’ve added your faves to a gallery, it’s easier to share them with others!


Celebrating our favorite women in history and women photographers for Women’s History Month

Special Events and Holidays

Galleries are often created to highlight a special event, holiday or notable moment in time. Grouping photos that all focus on one specific or special event in a gallery is a great way to organize important Flickr content that you may want to reference again in the future.


Annular Solar Eclipse 2023 Gallery 


World Ocean Day Gallery

Start curating those galleries!

Now that we’ve given a quick review of this great feature, we hope you will spend some time curating your own galleries. Share them with your friends, comment on them, and keep the Flickr community strong and thriving with your engagement!

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