ICYMI February Recap: Flickr News and Updates

Wondering what we’ve been up to lately? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve spent the last two months celebrating our diverse Flickr community, learning more about NASA and their latest endeavors and more!


photo credit – Chad Gibson

Eyes to the sky!

Our friends at NASA have shared some exciting updates. They have a new class of astronauts who have recently graduated and are now eligible to participate in NASA assignments like future trips to the Moon, space station assignments and more! Check out the photos of the new NASA graduates on their Flickr site! Along with the announcement of new grads, NASA has also opened up applications for their astronaut recruitment program. If you love science and have dreams of space exploration, learn more about the program and application process today!

2017 Total Solar Eclipse (NHQ201708210110)

photo credit – NASA/Aubrey Gemignani

In other space news, a total solar eclipse is headed our way on April 8th. Get your cameras and gear in order to safely capture photos of this amazing event and then share them on Flickr! Read the Flickr blog to learn more about safety protocols and where to find the path of totality for this event. 

Meet our birthday contest winners!

Last week, we announced the 10 winners of our Flickr 20th Birthday Photo Contest. We had over 2,000 Flickr members join us in the contest group and submit over 1.7K photos! That’s a lot of hot pink and blue and it was a beautiful sight! We are so grateful for all of the love, creativity and excitement over Flickr’s 20th milestone birthday. Check out the winning photos!

A pencil and a dream can take you anywhere. ―J. A. Meyer

photo credit – Eleni

Celebrating community!

February was Black History month which we honored by featuring some truly amazing photographers and storytellers. Last month we shared a series of galleries curated to tell stories from some of our favorite photographers. We also introduced the Flickr community to Elvert Barnes, an archivist and storyteller who has been documenting his life through his photography for decades and then storing his archive here on Flickr. If you missed the galleries or blog posts highlighting these gifted Black photographers, make sure to check them out!


photo credit – Felicia Renne Tolbert

This month we are featuring the women photographers and artists of the Flickr community in honor of Women’s History month. To kick off our Women’s History month features, make sure to read the stories behind the photos in this gallery captured and curated by photographer Nicole Le Roy. There are more stories to come so keep an eye on the Flickr blog!

European bee-eater /Guêpier d'Europe

photo credit – nicole le roy

Speaking of community, we have one more shout out to some of our Flickr community members. We are looking to get some feedback from the virtual photographers capturing and sharing their creations on Flickr. We have a short survey we’ve created to check in and hear your thoughts. If you have a moment, we’d love to hear from you


credit – Leica Frame

Find some new fans and make some new Flickr follows!

We wanted to share a quick reminder with you all about a couple of ways to put your photos in the running for a feature on Flickr. Every month we manually curate one Explore Takeover that goes live the last Thursday of each month. We announce the theme on Flickr Social and then open up that discussion thread for submissions. Our Community team browses the thread and uses the replies there to help them curate the month’s Explore Takeover. It is a simple and fun way to share your photos with the Flickr community and also submit your photos for consideration for a highlight on Explore. Also, just by adding your images to the Flickr Social photo pool, you have a chance at being featured in our weekly installment of ‘Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social’. So make sure to join us over on Flickr Social and share what you’ve been working on!

That’s all for now. Thanks for tuning in and thank you for being part of the Flickr community!

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