Photographer Spotlight: Marcia Williams


Meet Marcia Williams. Marcia specializes in portrait photography, professional headshots, events, couples, families, and graduating seniors. She shared with us, “I have always had a love for photography! I started in high school taking yearbook photos at events such as football games, high school ceremonies, plays and more!” Marcia currently attends college in Boston, pursuing a degree in business management with a focus on entrepreneurship.


When asked how she would define her style as a photographer Marcia said, “My style of photography is “expressive art” – colors that are bright, welcoming and warm and attract the mood of the overall theme.” She continued, “ I enjoy shooting outside when I can, especially when it is nice outside. The natural light from the sun, trees and leaves (especially in the fall) and the benign environment inspires me to shoot outside.” For Marcia, the magic of photography doesn’t just happen behind the camera  –  but when she’s able to see the genuine reactions of her clients seeing  their photos. 

Marcia_Williams_FlawlessyField_Photograph_532KB_2018 (1)

Marcia’s introduction into photography started in high school with her first camera, the Canon Rebel t7i, a co-investment with  her grandfather. Today, Marcia’s photography gear includes her Canon 90D and Canon Rebel t7.  Her go to lens is the 50mm portraits and when shooting outside she uses a reflector for the sun.

We asked Marcia to choose one of her favorite photos she’s shared in the Black Women Photographers group and the story behind why she chose this shot.  


Marcia shared, “This photo called “Nura” was submitted for Light in Motion contest for Black Women Photographers. I chose this shot because it depicted more than just light and motion but was apart of my mantra of: “expressive art”. The subject in the photo was staring into the photo and holding on to the pole, while the scene looks like it was in motion, it is not. I chose this shot because I liked all the details in the photos, the colors and the general uniqueness of the photo.”

When we asked about editing she said, “There were lights in the background and with long exposure, I created light streaks across the photo and depicted a theme of Light in Motion. Edited the photo in Lightroom. I wanted the photo to enhance the colors, saturation and I achieved that in this photo through “Nura”.” 


Besides photography, Marcia is passionate about speaking her truth and sharing her personal experiences with others. “I have a podcast called Expressive Thoughts Pod, I am also passionate about fashion. I will be dropping an apparel line as well as another form of art, painting! I like to call myself a multidisciplinary artist.”


If you’d like to connect with Marcia – please feel free to reach out to her via email You can also follow her on instagram @photosbymarcia, see more of her work on, and shop her storefront

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