Flickr Joins 1% Percent for the Planet

Photography happens on earth, and earth needs its champions. If you’ve been around Flickr at all, you know how seriously we take our conservation and sustainability: We’re Certified Evergreen. We’re a Climate Pledge signatory and Climate Neutral Certified. We’re a member of The Conservation Alliance. And today, we’re pleased to join 1% for the Planet, a coalition of businesses who donate 1% of all sales, not just profits, to support verified environmental causes and organizations.

Think about it like this: Photography has existed for a little less than two centuries, but its impact on humanity is immeasurable. As the world’s largest photo community, our mission is to build a better world through the power of photography. Sustainability and conservation are baked right into our very core, and it’s our duty and privilege to protect the open and wild spaces that inspire photographers.

To further our efforts, we also joined the Mobilizing for Monuments Coalition and produced the Mobilizing for Monuments film, advocating for environmental conservation and the preservation of open spaces. And just recently, we conducted a report on how precious these places are to photographers.

Open Spaces Report

A report on open spaces conducted by Awesome, Inc. on behalf of Flickr surveyed 1,767 photographers, including hobbyists, professionals, and small business owners. Key findings include:

  • 95% of photographers surveyed agreed that limiting access to open spaces would adversely affect their business or craft.
  • 9 out of 10 photographers derived at least a portion of their income from open spaces.

We’re doing what we can to protect these locations and our planet for endless future generations of photographers.

Get Involved

Want to join in and make a difference? Join the Flickr for the Planet group – a vibrant community of conservation and climate-focused photographers dedicated to using the power of imagery to drive environmental awareness and action.

We aim to build a supportive and engaged community that participates in impactful campaigns and storytelling initiatives. We invite photographers passionate about conservation and climate issues to join us in our mission. Participate in our calls to action and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Together, we can make a difference. Join us on this journey to use photography as a tool for environmental conservation and awareness. Learn more about 1% for the Planet and check out the Flickr for the Planet gallery.

Author: Crystal Duarte, Director of Marketing, Flickr