Adventures in Antartica

Antarctica, the southernmost continent that spans 5.4 million square miles of icy terrain, contains incredible desolate landscapes and teeming wildlife. And a lucky few Flickr members have made the journey to this majestic destination …

Surreal concepts

A selection of surrealistic pictures created by the many talented conceptual photographers among us on Flickr. See, and share, more photography in the Magically Surreal […]

Eyes up close

When you zoom into eyes, their vibrant color gradations and painterly contours appear like explosions of space nebulas. And many of you have done wonders […]

World of woven art

The “Willow Man” grabbed our attention lately by making an appearance on our Explore page. The 40-foot-tall giant figure originally took 6 weeks to construct […]

Lake Superior’s ice caves

The extreme cold this winter in Wisconsin has created spectacular ice formations at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. The destination usually requires a boatride to reach, […]