26 July, 2004

More Super-duperness than ever before! We added the ability for you to post photos to groups. To add a photo to your group’s pool, just go to a photo in your photostream, look on the left side of the photo, and click on the “Send to Group” icon, select the group from the pulldown menu, and off you go. Adding a photo to a group pool allows any group member to view your photo, and add notes, tags and comments, regardless of its current privacy settings. Please also note you can now make groups public, but invite only!

Another nifty new feature is that you can now see how many times your photostream has been viewed. It’s on the left column on the “Your Photos” page. Of course, it behooves you to remember that this isn’t a popularity contest, and no one can see this number but you. :)

And for the completists out there, you might want to visit our newly updated About Page, which has significantly better information and marginally better humor than our prior “About” page. See for yourself.