5 Question for Charlie Lumanlan

the songs that we singAfter traveling around the world, 5 Questions comes home to San Francisco.

In this, the 15th edition, we ask our 5 Questions of Charlie Lumanlan, as suggested by nurul in our previous 5 Questions. Charlie has many fans and here are a few things that they’ve had to say:

How to describe the work of Charlie? I would say a person creative, who have always emotion present in his shoot. A person who gives to photo his artistry sense with rare kindness and sincerity.Shadows Oliv

Charlie is not only a brilliant photographer but also a great guy.
His photos are filled with emotions. It doesn’t matter if he’s taking them with digital or film cameras. They’re tools that help him to realise his ideas and projects.

Charlie’s photos are friendly, personal, intimate slices of daily life; they are unhurried yet effortless and show Life simply, the way it should be shown.gabrielle hennessey

1. Charlie, we know it’s a tough question, but if you had to pick just one camera to shoot with from now until the end of time, what would that be?

Charlie: That is a pretty tough question, especially having 8 cameras and the list just keeps on growing. I might have to go with my Kiev 88. I’ll never stop loving medium format, and my russian tank always gets the job done. It might not be as popular as the Hassy, but it sure produces every I come up with in my head, exactly the way I want it to.

2. Another (possibly) tough question… Tell us your favourite photos on Flickr, and why you like them. First, a favourite from your photostream?

Charlie: This has to be my favourite from my work. It was a candid shot of my best friend Bean, but I managed to capture everything she loved in one shot. Her love for art (the graffiti), photography (her fm2) and her love for pigeons.

And from another Flickr member?

Lost in Green

Charlie: And my favourite foto, if I had to pick one, would be this. A foto of my close friend Mika, taken by our friend Kit. I don’t even have any words to describe how I feel about this shot. It’s a shot I never get tired off seeing. If I could have one foto to keep me inspired from now till the end, it has to be this.

3. What’s one tip that you would share with someone who’s just picking up a camera?

Charlie: Just keep shooting! forget how much film costs or forget the lack of free time. Just keep shooting. It’s the only way you can improve, by practicing and evolving. That’s how I got to where I am today, 6 years of non-stop shooting and evolving, and not a single art class taken. Well except Ceramics back in high school.

4. When we interview peeps for employment here at Team Flickr, we always ask: “Kittens, babies, sunsets or flowers? Pick one.”

Charlie: Sunsets. I have several sunset shots in my stream, and no one can deny a beautiful sunset. There’s so many ways you can make a sunset shot look different than all the others.

5. Which Flickr member should we ask these 5 questions of next?

After work

Charlie: I’d have to go with my good friend Kit. There’s a lot of photographers out there who truly inspire me, but Kit inspires me day in and day out. She pushes me to the limit. I gave her the name Cool Kit cause she’s just the coolest. And I’m pretty sure she has some Wong Kar Wai DNA in her. You’ll see just how cinematic Hong Kong can be.

Heather: Charlie, thank you. Let’s go on a photo wander soon — it’s just a few weeks until the trees are blossoming in the Japanses Tea Garden.

We’ll be back soon with the next installment of 5 Question when we interview Kit.

Photos from chcharlie and Kit.

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