Flickr is unhappy!

8:15 AM PDT Ok, things should be smoothed out again. You may see some discrepancy in stats data on photopages. We took extra time getting our stats databases up and running; which is why you had access to the site, but the stats view was missing. Doing this ensures that we don’t overwhelm systems when we come back up. To be sure, none of your Flickr content was lost, but we apologize that some of the counts will be wrong.

7:33 AM PDT Hello- Your stats should be back up for you now; we had that disabled for a short while. To let you know, there was a power issue in a datacenter that caused an outage, and apologize for that. Rest assured, no data was lost (however some stats are not correct, see the update above). Our operations engineers are all working to make sure all systems are clear. Again, thanks a lot for your patience, and you can visit out help topic for any feedback or questions.

6:48 PDT We’re almost there. A lot of you should already be seeing improvement, meaning that you can reach us without issues again. Unfortunately, we had to disable the display of stats so they are not available at the current time. We will keep you posted. We have opened a thread for you on the help forum.

6:00 PDT We are still working on bringing the site back online. Just in case you are wondering: All photos you might have posted on your blog or elsewere should still be serving without problems. Our engineers are working as hard a possible to bring Flickr back to you. Thanks for your patience.

5:30 PDT We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but right now Flickr is a bit unhappy and the site is down. The great guys from FlickrOps are already investigating what’s going on, so please bear with us. We will keep you posted right here with any updates.

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Kay Kremerskothen

Kay is a Community Manager for Flickr and passionate about extraordinary photography. As an editor on Flickr Blog he loves to showcase the beauty and diversity of Flickr in his posts. When he's not blogging or making Flickr more awesome (in front of and behind the scenes), you can find him taking pictures with his beloved Nikon and iPhone, listening to Hans Zimmer's music or playing board games. | On Flickr you can find him at