Mark your calendars for 11/11/11!

We’re celebrating yet another 24 hours of Flickr on Friday, November 11, 2011!

It is always amazing to see the great projects you create in the Flickrverse and how passionate you are about them. Whether they are regular projects like 365, 52 weeks, or 100 strangers, or special occasions like the 24 hours of Flickr, Flickr 888, and 10/10/10.

10/10/10   bamboo forest/ 50mm f1.4 ness

283/365   Waiting for Saturday Night I

This year, we are going to celebrate Flickr 11/11/11, yet another 24 hours of Flickr. Take a photo anytime when it’s November 11th where you are, and share it in the group.

And to up the ante, our friends at MOO are going to offer unique Flickr 11|11|11 products that will be available shortly after the submission period ends, giving you a nice discount on their lovely products.

So, mark your calendars and save the date for yet another 24 hours of Flickr on Friday, November 11, 2011.

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Kay Kremerskothen

Kay is a Community Manager for Flickr and passionate about extraordinary photography. As an editor on Flickr Blog he loves to showcase the beauty and diversity of Flickr in his posts. When he's not blogging or making Flickr more awesome (in front of and behind the scenes), you can find him taking pictures with his beloved Nikon and iPhone, listening to Hans Zimmer's music or playing board games. | On Flickr you can find him at