Photographer Spotlight: David Olkarny

David Olkarny is a self-taught photographer and filmmaker based in Brussels. Studying cinematography, he discovered his passion for still photography. Read on to get to know his story of becoming the amazing fashion and portrait photographer he is today.

What’s new at night

A river reflecting city lights, the Milky Way seen at 10,000 feet, fireflies in the woods — so many enticing moments at night have been well captured lately by these featured photographers located around the world.

Introducing a new Flickr experience on Apple TV

Our new service for Apple TV brings all your photos to life on the big screen, where you can engage with the Flickr community, explore the world’s most interesting photos, and use our powerful search capabilities to browse billions of photos within the most extraordinary online photo collection.

Sublime silhouettes

With background lighting and bold shadows, photographers have eloquently added cinematic qualities to twilight moments in photos. Here’s a selection of England’s Crosby Beach to the Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Portraits invade the Pantheon

In JR’s latest endeavor, the Pantheon opened this month with his “Au Panthéon!” project. It showcases thousands of portraits taken in March of this year from a photo-booth truck, which made its way to multiple nations. The portraits are arranged in mosaics on ornate ceilings, floors, and exterior of the famous monument.

Photographer explores ‘following the herd’

Sheep are a staple on farms, nursery rhymes, and a nightly ritual to lull one’s self to sleep, but rarely are they subjects in contemporary art. In a series of photographs, however, by New York-based photographer Davide Luciano, these animals are transformed into real people in a series of bizarre — almost Orwellian — portraits.