Mono Monday: leading lines

For this week’s Mono Monday, we’re celebrating leading lines. These photos below are some of our favorites from the past few weeks on Flickr. Please feel free to share your best leading lines photos by tweeting your Flickr images with #MonoMonday or add a comment with a link on our Facebook and Google+ pages.

Happy Camera Day!

Through the years, photography has touched every one of our lives on many personal levels, from old black and white snapshots to camera-phone selfies. To celebrate National Camera Day, we have highlighted some of the most influential cameras from photography’s history and the lasting moments they continue to help us capture.

Flickr Friday: Golden Hour

Our new Flickr Friday theme is all about that special moment when the sun starts its descent and the light turns orange, the magical time for portrait and landscape photography alike: The Golden Hour. Read on to participate.

Pakistan’s key role in the World Cup

Sara spent most of her life as a TV and radio producer. But after the birth of her first child, she decided to pursue her passion for photography full time. An assignment with Reuters led her to the small town of Sialkot, Pakistan, where a factory owner had just taken on a monumental task: produce the official soccer balls of the 2014 World Cup.

Olympic National Forest

A simple search for landscapes provides a nice batch of luxuriant vegetation across the globe. We glanced at some of the trending photography from it and a particular destination stood out with outstanding luscious greens: Olympic National Forest in Washington, U.S.

Take part in our Apple TV giveaway

When we announced our new Apple TV service on Tuesday, we started a contest to give away Apple TVs to Flickr members in the U.S. to thank you for sharing your inspiring photos with the best photography community in the world. For a chance to win an Apple TV, join the group on Flickr and submit your best #LargetThanLife photos.

Throwback Thursday: Costica Acsinte

In this throwback journey through the photographic past, let’s take a look at fascinating studio portraits from Costică Acsinte — a Romanian veteran of the First World War — to Nan Palmero’s side-by-side portrait comparison that spans 21 years in Paris.

Wildlife Wednesday: Summer begins

In this week’s photo selection: Joey (aka J-J-W) took an awesome orange-soaked shot of an onlooking deer as the summer solstice ended, Sed Navarro snapped the crisp details of a hawk in flight, Christoph captured the exquisite textured exoskeleton of a shield bug.