FlickrFriday: Surprise!

#FlickrFriday: Surprise! | Let's surprise us with a surprising shot and share it within the Flickr Friday group by adding #FlickrFriday

#Surprise! it’s Friday and this is our #FlickrFriday Theme. We want you to surprise us with surprising shots. Interpret whatever this theme means to you: it could be the astonishment in the face of your friend when it’s her/his birthday surprise; it could be the reaction to an unexpected punchline to a joke; it could even be your expression of surprise when hearing good news! People can express surprise, shock and amazement in many ways and we want you to share your image of #surprise!

Take your photo starting today or in the upcoming days and submit it to the Flickr Friday group pool by next Friday, October 24th, with the hashtags #FlickrFriday and #Surprise! for a chance to be featured in Flickr Blog next Friday.

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