NOW OPEN – Flickr Worldwide Photowalks Group

We’ve just opened the Flickr Worldwide Photowalks Group to submissions and will be accepting your images through the entire month of September. We invite you to take photos of monuments and historic places in your city and add them to the group pool. Be sure to add tags to the photo with the city and monument names. Throughout the month we’ll be curating galleries of our favorite monument photos and featuring them on the Flickr Blog and social media.


Remember, if there is not currently a walk planned for your city you can still organize one, but you don’t need to attend a photowalk to submit photo(s) to the group. We encourage everyone interested in coordinating one to create a Facebook or Meetup event for it (date/location) and share the event details in this Group Discussion. All organizers will receive a free 3-month Flickr Pro subscription.

Alyosha Monument, Murmansk

This year we are partnering with the Wikimedia community in support of the Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 (WLM) photography competition. To have your photos invited to the official contest at the end of the month, the images you upload to the Flickr Worldwide Photowalks group should meet the following criteria:

  • Be self-taken and self-uploaded
  • Uploaded in September 2017
  • Freely licensed: CC BY-SA, CC BY, and CC0 are fine. Licenses with NC or ND will NOT be accepted.
    The ‘Public Domain’ is incompatible due to copyright complexities.
  • Contain an identified monument
  • Tagged with country and city name (where the monument is located in), monument ID information (read section on how to identify monument ID here). You can also add the tags “FlickrPhotowalk” and “WLM2017” on your images.

You can find more details about our collaboration with Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 in this blog post.

Still have questions? Read this FAQ section to learn more on how to organize a Flickr Photowalk or how to submit photos to the WLM contest.