Stay Home with Flickr’s Utata Group – A Big Project Announcement

Staying motivated while stuck at home can be a big challenge. It’s not easy to stay entertained in the confines of a house while managing work, taking care of the kids, or dealing with everything else in life. Luckily, there’s a Flickr group with some ideas that can make your “me-time” a bit more interesting.

The wonderful admins and moderators of the Utata Group, a global collective of photographers devoted to creating and promoting art, have put out a call for submissions of “at home” pictures as part of their Big Project 2020. What does that mean, you say? This is a fun photo initiative based around six different aspects of the COVID-19 lockdown, and submissions will be featured in the group’s accompanying website,, and in an official Flickr Gallery, as a final exhibition of all the entries.

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The Categories

Group members can submit up to 6 photos in each category, plus up to a 200-word description or mini-essay per photo. For the group admins to display your entries on the Utata project page, you will need to tag your Flickr photos properly. Take a look at the recommended tags for each of the categories below!

Portraits / Self-Portraits. Share portraits of the people in your isolation group. Family, home sharers, cats, dogs, goldfish. Tag: utata:project=portraits2020

Inside Looking Out. Share the outside world from inside of your home. From your door or window, take a picture of your garden growing or your community applauding essential workers. Tag: utata:project=insideout2020

Recreate a Masterpiece. Reimagine a Raphael in LEGO, a Rothko with pasta, or share your empty and unmade bed in honor of Tracy Emin’s work. Tag: utata:project=masterpiece2020

Arts, Crafts, Hobbies. What activities are keeping you busy and sane? Learning an instrument? Doing online pilates classes, jigsaws, or making small water carafes for your daughter’s new dolls house? Show and tell. Tag: utata:project=hobbies2020

Rooms. Is there one special corner that feels like a calming retreat, while another feels more like a cage? Pick a favorite room and explore it. Unusual angles and perspectives gain special Big Project bonus points. Tag: utata:project=rooms2020

One Day in Isolation diary. The real-life story of you in self-isolation. Show us how you keep your 2-meter boundaries outdoors. Tag: utata:project=isolation2020

neighborhood house at dusk

How to Submit

Submissions are via the group’s photo pool. You will need to become a member of the group for your photos to show up on All submissions must be completed and appropriately tagged before the end of Saturday, May 16th, 2020 12:00 AM PT. The admins will publish them on at a later date.


Check out the group’s FAQ for more information, or post your questions in this dedicated group thread.