6 More Inspiring Flickr Groups

After sharing this list of ten recommended Flickr groups, we received an outpouring of feedback from group administrators. Based on this feedback, we decided to go for a second round! This time we bring you six more groups that are equally inspiring, engaged, and worthy of a follow. Again, in no particular order, here they are:

An opportunity to make memories

Utata: A group of photographers from all over the world devoted to creating and promoting art. The admins and mods maintain three ongoing projects: Iron Photographer, The Weekend Project, and Thursday Walk. They recently announced their Big Project 2020–a fun photo initiative based on six different aspects of the COVID-19 lockdown. Deadline is May 16th!

HCSP (Hardcore Street Photography): A favorite among street photographers around the world. The group’s pool is devoted to the best of the best in the street photography scene.

WEEKLY: If you welcome constructive criticism, this group is a great place to submit photos for feedback. Each week, members decide on whether or not photos submitted to the group should gain entry to the photo pool with their “Keeper” or “Free Flight” votes and discuss the reasons for their voting decisions.

Critique: A group where you can share and receive constructive critique with suggestions and solutions for improvement. If you ask for feedback, be sure to follow through with a response, and remember: critiquing is as important as being critiqued.

Eclectic Visual Poetry: A heavily curated group focusing on visual poetry and storytelling. Inclusion in the photo pool is selective, subjective, and determined by the admin.

A Lifeline: Recently started in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this group aspires to be a “lifeline” for Flickr members during this time. In addition to support and encouragement, the group’s photo pool offers a glimpse into how we’re all managing the crisis.

There are many amazing groups out there—some newer than others, some more popular than others. If you are part of a Flickr Group that is carrying out an exciting project, has a fresh photo pool, or is leading great conversations, let us know. Complete this form to let us know about your group and what you’re doing to keep members engaged. We’ll read through the responses and keep these submissions in mind when featuring groups in blog posts, on social media, and more.