Celebrating Women Photographers on Flickr


March is Women’s History Month. For us, that means that it’s a time to stop and say thank you to the women who help make Flickr a vibrant community. Thank you for sharing your photography here, for telling your stories here, and for inspiring others to do the same.

On International Women’s Day, we kicked off a conversation asking women on Flickr to stop by and say hello here. Shout out your work, tell us what brought you to Flickr, or just say hi. From this exchange, we hope that everyone will find new voices and photographers to follow on Flickr. This month’s Explore takeover will also focus on women’s history and the women who help make Flickr what it is. If you’d like to be part of that, please introduce yourself here. (And thank you to Julia Holcomb for allowing us to use her photo in our International Women’s Day post! Please check out her work.)

Get to know their work

It’s important for us to highlight the contributions of women in the Flickr community throughout the year and we know that we’ll always have work to do when it comes to thoughtfully representing our diverse community. Here are a few stories of inspiring women in the Flickr community that we’ve been proud to share.

Deja Vu

Flickr Feature: Sapna Reddy
We joined landscape photographer Sapna Reddy on an adventure through the giant redwoods of Northern California as she created stunning visual landscape art using her instinct, her eye, and her talent.

Flickr Feature: Silvia Grav
Silvia Grav is a photographer and director​ ​based in Los Angeles and she’s worked on programs including True Detective and American Horror Story. In this Flickr Feature, we joined Silvia on set to learn more about her work.

Flickr Feature: Yan Larsen
Last year, we had the pleasure of tagging along with landscape photographer Yan Larsen on one of her solo outings to capture the beauty of the northern California coast.

16 Questions about One Photo with Leslie Frempong
Leslie Frempong shares how her photography practice has evolved through mentorship, schooling, and experimenting with physically manipulating prints.

16 Questions about One Photo with Patricia Ware
In this interview, Patricia Ware shares the process behind her magnificent captures of birds and insects in flight.

16 Questions about One Photo with Foteini Zaglara
Foteini Zaglara shares the story behind one of her portraits that examines beauty routines and our pandemic experiences.

Listen to their stories

If you have not tuned in to The Photography Lounge podcast yet, you’re missing out! These thoughtful conversations share amazing stories about the photography styles and journeys of members of both Flickr and SmugMug. Here are a few of the women photographers that have shared their stories with us.

Memories of a distant land...

Bella Kotak
Bella Kotak’s fine-art-meets-fashion portraiture showcases the fantastic world that lives just at the edge of our vision. Using a rich palette of clothing, props, models, and scenery to paint her compositions, Bella’s work lifts the veil between our world and the one in which her imagination thrives.
Follow Bella on Flickr and listen to her story on our podcast, The Photography Lounge.

Brooke Shaden
Alastair Jolly sits down with Brooke Shaden and they discuss the backstory of how Brooke became one of the leading photographers in the world of conceptual self-portrait photography.
Follow Brooke on Flickr and listen to her story on our podcast, The Photography Lounge.

Laura Zalenga
Laura is best known as a [self-] portrait-artist but not exclusively self-portraits! Her work is known for its clear visual language, the power of telling stories and visualizing emotions. Laura was one of the winners of the “Shine a Light” photo contest and she was a judge for Your Best Shot 2020 as well.
Follow Laura on Flickr and listen to her story on our podcast, The Photography Lounge.

Renee Robyn
After a devastating motorcycle crash almost took her life, Renee Robyn turned to Photoshop to create surreal and mysterious worlds that stretch the boundaries of imagination. In this conversation, Renee shares her love for food, travel, and she shares how that life changing moment impacted her livelihood and creative direction.
Follow Renee on Flickr and listen to her story on our podcast, The Photography Lounge.

Join the community of women photographers on Flickr

If you’re looking to connect with a community of women photographers, here’s how you can get started:

  • Search groups on Flickr. One Flickr member recently called out the “Women who <3 photography” group.
  • If you would like to be included in this month’s Explore takeover dedicated to women’s history and women photographers on Flickr, let us know over here. We’d also recommend giving all of the women and groups mentioned in this thread a follow.
  • Explore and use the “ThroughHerLens” tag on Flickr to find great photography from women photographers on Flickr.