Cozy Autumn Photographs from Members of Flickr Social

Changing colors, shades of gold, and endings making room for new beginnings – these were a few of the responses from Flickr members when we asked what autumn looks like near them. Is autumn your favorite season? Check out these autumn photos from the Flickr community.

Leaves [2021-04-21]

“Oh my favorite favorite season, and not just because of the colors. Weather is beautiful and most diverse in fall, I was born in fall, my favorite weather happens most in fall… I have many of fall photos, and it is very hard to choose a favorite :D” –moon.river70

Autumn Prince

“Autumn PrinceA young buck pauses his evening graze to turn around and make sure I’m not a threat.” –Matt Katzenberger

Aspen Patch

“Autumn doesn’t seem to last very long in the Utah mountains, so I take every opportunity I can to get out and enjoy the fall splendor!” –JasonCameron

foggy morning 07-09

“Autumn for me means fog around my area (though this year we seem to be a little thin on said fog!)” –Steve (englishgolfer)


“I love the richness of autumn colours.” –AngelsNDragonflies


“A simple phone shot from November 2019. I called it Transition for reasons that seemed obvious then. But little did we know what changes we would face as 2020 unfolded….Meanwhile these trees carry on doing their thing…” –Richard Harvey 

At the end...

Favourite season…hands down. I can never get enough of the autumnal colour palette.”  –V Photography and Art

Spider web in Aitkin County, Minnesota

“Spiderwebs and foggy mornings in Northern Minnesota.” –Lorie Shaull

We hope you enjoyed these cozy autumn photos. Check out more photos in the “Cozy Autumn” gallery on the official Flickr page. Join the conversation over in Flickr Social to share what autumn looks like near you!