Flickr Release Notes, November 2021

Hello, Flickr members! Here’s a summary of what our team worked on in November 2021.

What’s changed

  • We removed the Contact Notifications tab from FlickrMail. This will improve loading of FlickrMail. You can still receive these notifications under the bell icon and via email, if you have that turned on in your Notification Settings.
  • Google Pay is now available as a payment option on desktop and mobile web in Safari.
  • We’ve launched more improvements to the Notifications Center and Settings based on your feedback, including:
  • When you hover over a group or profile picture, let’s say while you’re in the Notifications Center or your activity feed, a card displaying more information about that person or group will consistently appear.
Hovering over a group or profile picture now consistently displays more information

Bug fixes

  • In November, members reported that batch notifications for faves (e.g. “Carol and 83 others have faved your photo”) were broken. This has since been fixed. Fave away! :)

If you have any questions about these updates or about using Flickr, please write to our Support Heroes team. If you’re a Pro member, you’ll hear back from us within a couple of hours.

Wishing you all a happy and safe new year. See you on Flickr!