What’s ahead for 2022

The Calmers (Title Shot)

Hey Flickr!

Thank you for another great year of photo sharing. In a time when it’s perhaps harder than ever to stay connected, all of us at Flickr are grateful for what you bring to the community. Before 2022 begins, we would like to recap what we accomplished over the past year and what will guide us in the new year.

Recapping 2021

In 2021, we had a continued focus on fostering connection on Flickr. Our work was centered on improvements and experiences that made it easier to connect with your fellow Flickr members and to share and be inspired by amazing photography.

  • We started the year with our very first #MyFlickrYear, a personalized report celebrating how active members on Flickr share and connect with each other.
  • We made it easier to report content or behavior that violates Flickr’s community guidelines.
  • We put renewed focus into the Flickr Commons and announced that we’ll be launching a foundation to grow and nurture this program.
  • We launched a new Notifications Center and Settings to give you more control and visibility into how people are interacting with you, your photos, and groups on Flickr.
  • The Flickr mobile widget brings photography inspiration directly to your mobile phone’s home screen.
  • We collaborated with several fantastic organizations, including FUJIFILM, LEGO, and Black Women Photographers, to create moments of inspiration and opportunity for photographers of all backgrounds and interests.
  • Our Support Heroes team focused on delivering exceptional support: we respond to everyone that writes in with a question or feedback about Flickr, and we are committed to answering questions from Pro members within 4 hours. If you ever have a question, don’t hesitate to write to us!
  • Our Trust and Safety team worked to make sure that Flickr is a safe platform. We’ve doubled down on our efforts to combat CSAM. This team is also instrumental in making sure that all Flickr members are aware of Flickr’s Community Guidelines and is committed to upholding them.
  • Our Operations team worked year round – sometimes on weekends and late evenings! – to make sure that Flickr runs smoothly and effectively. And if for any reason Flickr is not up and running, restoring the site is their top priority.
  • Our Engineering team published their vision and guiding principles.

This is far from an exhaustive list.

Throughout the year, you showed up with support for your fellow Flickr members and feedback to help us continue improving. Thank you!

What’s ahead in 2022

Over the past few years, all of our efforts have been guided by making Flickr the best place to be inspired by photography, to connect with others who share your interests, and to share your work with the people who matter to you. Putting these three concepts of inspiration, connection, and sharing at the center of our decision-making was validated by the community in a recent survey and we will continue to use these core tenets to guide our work in 2022.

In the short term, here’s some of what we’re working on:


  • #MyFlickrYear will be making a return soon, and this year we hope to make it available to even more Flickr members. Stay tuned!
  • Explore takeovers that highlight the Flickr community’s expansive interests and inspiring photography.
  • Experimenting with exclusive features and perks for Pro members.
  • Keeping Flickr a safe place where everyone feels comfortable sharing their photography and working with our members and partners to uphold Flickr’s Community Guidelines.


  • Continued improvements to the Notifications Center based on your feedback.
  • Delivering exceptional support to all Flickr members – we respond to Flickr Pros within four hours.


  • Photo prompts, contests, and discussions that bring together Flickr members that share the same interests and desire to improve their photography.

Looking forward, we are excited about continuing these efforts into 2022. In order to strengthen Flickr as a sustainable, independent platform and to support ongoing investment into this community we all love, we will be increasing the price of Flickr Pro membership. You can always find the latest pricing information in this FAQ.

To everyone on Flickr, thank you for being here and making Flickr your home for inspiration, connections, and sharing. Your love of Flickr and photography keeps us going and we are committed to continually improving your experience. Please stay tuned to the Flickr blog for continued release notes and updates on what we’re working on.

See you in 2022!