Get ready for Your Best Shot 2023!

Enchanting scent of lilac

Photo by Angelina Todorovic Stanic – Your Best Shot 2022 Through Her/Their Lens Winner

Your Best Shot 2023 Starts Today!

Get ready to wrap up 2023 –and start the new year – with a bang because it’s time to show the world what you got with our ever-popular Your Best Shot contest! Submissions are open from today, December 1st to January 4, 2024.  This photo contest isn’t for any old snap; we want your absolute favorite shot of the year. Did we mention there are seven fabulous prizes up for grabs?!

Here are the details

Your photo must have been uploaded to Flickr this year, in 2023. It must also be an original photo, taken by you. While there are seven different categories, you may only submit one safe photo to the group’s photo pool. We know you have a lot of favorites and have been shooting fantastic shots all year long, but this contest is for the creme de la creme, the shot that stands out amongst them all.

In order to have your photo be eligible for consideration by our judges, you must add ONE of the following tags (keywords) to your photo. 

  • YBS23Portrait
  • YBS23Landscape
  • YBS23Nature
  • YBS23Street
  • YBS23FineArt
  • YBS23AI
  • YBS23ThroughTheirLens or YBS23ThroughHerLens

Unsure how to tag your photos? Check this help article for some tips!

Fou de Bassan / Northern Gannet

Photo by Marie-Josée D’Amour – Your Best Shot 2022 Animals Winner

Want to know more about the categories?

Here’s a quick summary of each of the seven categories: 

  • People and Portrait Photography: All forms of portrait photography, including family portraits, headshots, and fashion photography.
  • Landscape Photography: Scenic and environmental photography: natural landscapes, cityscapes, and geographical features.
  • Wildlife and Nature Photography: The natural world, including wildlife, flora, fauna, and ecosystems.
  • Street and Documentary Photography: Candid shots of everyday life, urban scenes, and photojournalism.
  • Fine Art Photography: Photography where the photographer’s creativity and vision take precedence. This includes abstract, conceptual, and experimental imagery.
  • AI Artistry: Art or creative expression generated through AI technologies.
  • Through Her/Their lens: We encourage women and non-binary photographers to add YBS23ThroughHerLens or YBS23ThroughTheirLens as a tag to their main contest submission in addition to the main category tag they choose. For example, women and non-binary photogs can tag their submission with YBS23Nature and also YBS23ThroughHerLens.
World of Magic

Photo by micke vmix -Your Best Shot 2022 Nature Winner


And last but certainly not least, the prizes! Our friends at Peak Design are offering an Everyday Backpack of the winner’s choice! Their camera packs are top-notch and a coveted addition to any photographer’s gear kit. 

Along with these must-have camera bags, each winner will also receive a year of Flickr Pro to sweeten the deal. Not bad, right?

Submissions are open today and you have until January 4th, 2024 to choose your best shot. Don’t forget to add the listed tags when you upload your image and share it in the photo pool! We can’t wait to see your best shot!

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