Wrecks of Truk Lagoon by Catherine Marshall

We noticed Catherine Marshall has been busy capturing what she’s seen in her diving adventures. And after admiring over 200 of her photo albums, we asked Catherine to give us a little insight into her story as an underwater photographer, particularly her explorations of Japanese military shipwrecks in Micronesia.

Throwback Thursday: Vehicles

In this week’s throwback journey, we’re featuring the many fascinating motorized vehicles, and their motorists, offered in photography from The Commons. From shots of a Melbourne stroll in a sidecar, proud car owners in New Hampshire, JFK enjoying a convertible limo …

Manhattanhenge 2014

On July 11-12 at dusk, droves of photographers brought out their cameras to capture the sun setting in alignment with the street grid of Manhattan, an NYC spectacle appropriately called Manhattanhenge.

July stormscapes

To begin this month, severe storms passed through much of the United States. Lightning ripped through the sky on the East Coast, and foreboding clouds triggered tornado-warnings in Colorado. Many photographers turned their cameras to the tumultuous sky and caught remarkable weather moments.