20under20 photographer: Greg Ponthus

Greg Ponthus grew up in the countryside of Lyon, where he lived in golden light and grassy hills. At the age of 15, he started shooting people he lived with and is now attending art school in Brussels. Here’s an expressive portrait selection of his brilliant work that’s known for fantastic tonality and emotional content.

Mono Monday: Fountains

The flow, the cascading effect, the peaceful sound: Those kinetic landmarks and architectural centerpieces capture our attention and beckon us to snap shots. Take a tour of some of the many fountains worldwide in this photo selection.

Photographer Spotlight: Reuben Wu

From industrial designer to touring musician for Ladytron to exhibiting photographer, Reuben shares his creative experiences. “It’s all about narrative and pace,” he says. And after hundreds of destinations visited and over a dozen years of photo experimentation, he has an amazing oeuvre for us to appreciate.

Photoville in NYC

Back in 2011, a Brooklyn-based cooperative called United Photo Industries (UPI) launched with a mission to “push the conversation forward and help develop new viable models for the photo industry.” UPI’s been busy ever since and currently hosts the third edition of Photoville.

Throwback Thursday: Gardens

In this week’s throwback journey, let’s explore gardens seen in the past, led by a Japanese flower garden in the 1890s and more offered in the photographic archives from The Commons.

20under20 judge: Lou Noble

Lou Noble (aka Lou O’ Bedlam) defines himself with this simple statement on his site: “I take pictures, save lives, surf, eat pumpkin-related products. No big whup.” But for us, he’s a big whup. We found it necessary to get to know him more, especially because we selected Lou to join the judge panel for our inaugural 20under20 celebration, highlighting 20 talented young photographers on Flickr.