15 March, 2007 (a)

Change to the old skool account merge deadline In order to avoid any last minute problems for people with unmerged “old skool” Flickr accounts, we’re […]

15 March, 2007

You can now transfer your Flickr account between two different Yahoo! IDs. We’ve added links to the transfer tool on your account preferences page. If […]

13 March, 2007

New feature alert! We’ve just launched a new Pro feature, a way to organize your photo sets. We call them “collections” and you can read […]

8 March, 2007

Important Security Notice In January we issued an alert regarding efforts by malicious third parties attempting to gain access to your Flickr account. We would […]

28 February, 2007

Hey group admins! We’ve unleashed five new group features that should make your life easier. There’s more information in this FlickrBlog post.

20 February, 2007

Email Notifications: You can now set up immediate, daily or weekly email digests about new activity within your photostream, as well as set up an […]

30 January, 2007

A pair of items for your attention: 1. In our ongoing efforts to Make Flickr BetterTM, we’re introducing two additional limits: the new maximum number […]

24 January, 2007

Nerdy News: We’ve tweaked our interface just a little. If you’ve ever seen photos with funny looking tags on a such as “cell:cellid=197216005”, well we […]

19 January, 2007

Important Security Notice Recently there have been attempts to lure Flickr members to web pages which look similar to Flickr and invite people to enter […]

20 December, 2006

We’ve implemented a new way to get help. Improvements on our previous “Help by Email” form include letting you know that we’ve received your query […]

20 November, 2006

We’ve launched three new features today: Guest Pass, Flickr Mobile and Camera Finder. If you’d like to read more about today’s Triple Treat, check out […]