Throwback Thursday: Voting and elections

In this week’s throwback journey, let’s venture into what elections were like in history. From polling booths to campaign fever to old-school cartooning, dig into these picks available in the photographic archives from The Commons.

Wildlife Wednesday: Migrating birds

For this week, we’re highlighting the survival behavior of birds through remarkable photography. Snow geese, cranes, and other species instinctively navigate the skies and fly long distances in flocks to find better food availability and reach seasonal breeding grounds.

Photographer Spotlight: Brendan Marris

As an avid underworld explorer and photographer, Brendan Marris has compiled iconic shots of the vast cave systems in the U.K., particularly the chambers and tunnels of South Wales. He’s kindly shared his experiences in a spelunker’s paradise — full of crystal-lined chambers, dangerously slick passageways, and amazing natural mazes.

Fall foliage 2014

When autumn comes around, we always look forward to seeing all the vibrant gold and red colors in natural landscapes. Here’s a small sample of the splendid photography that’s showing up in a fall foliage search on Flickr for this year.

Wildlife Wednesday: Cheetahs

For this week, we’re highlighting the lives of cheetahs through exceptional photography. From curious cheetahs on the lookout in Tanzania to a dog playing with a cheetah at the zoo, this picture selection explores the fastest land animals in the world.

Fabulous fog

The fog creates wonderful visual effects in a variety of scenes, and many of you have taken notice, so we put together a photo selection in our “Fabulous fog” gallery last week and asked you to share your favorite photos of fog. Here’s a sample of the outstanding photography that was shared.