Shopping in Surrealism

As part of her 365 days self-portrait project, Philippine-based photographer Katrina Yu creates conceptual photographs inspired by the whimsical illustrations and stories of her favorite […]

Two Worlds Intertwined

Some shy kids pick up a book, others a pen or a musical instrument. Vincent Bourilhon picked up the family’s one camera at the age of 18 and finally started to find his voice.

Concept Collaboration: “The Cube”

While looking through some of the images for “The Cube” — April’s Concept Collaboration — consider how your perspective is influenced by those around you, and what we can all do as a collective to understand, respect, and enjoy life together on this beautiful sphere we call our home.

Surreal concepts

A selection of surrealistic pictures created by the many talented conceptual photographers among us on Flickr. See, and share, more photography in the Magically Surreal […]