Abandoned Architecture

Matthew Hampshire focuses on abandoned architecture photography. From barren seasides and deserted homes to plane wrecks and chapels that have forgotten to be cherished, Matthew captures what it would be like to live in an empty world.

Flickr Friday – Dream

Flickr Friday has arrived. Thank you for your fabulous #Dream themed submissions from the past week’s challenge! Shout out to the people who just submitted […]

Why Not Now?

Hayden Korr is a yearbook photographer turned photojournalist. As a student survivor at one of the most horrific school shootings in history, she has turned her grief into inspirational political art.

Flickr Friday – 100 Percent

Happy finally-it’s-Flickr-Friday day. Hhere’s the selection of our favorite submissions from the past week’s challenge! Doesn’t not having a spring break make going back to […]