ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst is continuously documenting his time on-board and around the ISS. His latest photos show him during his maintenance and repair space walk around the space station.

Twitter Tuesday: The Sleepy selection

We had a lot of fun exploring your contributions for #TwitterTuesday! It was easy to be hypnotized by your great #Sleepy shots. We saw people, cute babies, and animals yawning, sleeping, napping etc. Looking at your photos was like a little voice saying: “go to bed, lie down, close your eyes, and relax…” Thanks to all of your great images, we had a good time!

Photographer Spotlight: Brian Lee

Physicist and photographer Brian Lee has a special interest in Native American pictographs and petroglyphs. He shares his explorations of Barrier Canyon Style panels in the U.S., and the despicable vandalism the work has endured as fading art of bygone civilizations.

TwitterTuesday: Sleepy

#TwitterTuesday: Sleepy | When you look at someone sleepy who is yawning, like in our announcement photo, it’s contagious and hypnotic! Your eyes get heavy, your shoulders and body start to relax and you wish you could lie down and nap for five minutes…

Sossusvlei of Namibia

With a combination of gigantic red dunes, dead trees, and dried-up marshes, Sossusvlei’s landscapes are distinctly like no other. This African destination hosts curvaceous land shadows and striking terrain that begs to be photographed.